How to Transfer Android Messages to Computer


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How to Remove or Uninstall Apps from Samsung Phone

There may be hundreds of apps on your Samsung smartphone. Do you know how to uninstall thoese apps from Samsung phone? Here are the best tricks to do this!

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How to Delete Twitter Message History on Android Completely

A single tap of deletion button will not delete Twitter message history completely. It is crucial to know how to do this if there were important messages or chats inside your Twitter app that no longer needed.

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How to Delete Things Off Sim Card on Android Phone

SIM Card is not visiable on most of Android phones and it takes extra steps if you want to delete things off SIM Card.

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How to Factory Reset Android Tablet (Even Locked)

Factory reset is a secure way to boost performace of Android tablet or remove private data from the device. Here are four free ways to factory reset Android tablet even when it is locked.

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5 Free Ways to Delete Trash on Android Phone

Trash data eats uo storage on your Android phone and slow down the performance as well. You really need to know how to delete trash on Android phone.

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How to Delete Cookies on Android

Mobile browser saves login details as cookies on Android phone. It is necessary to delete them off the phone to protect privacy.We will share steps for most popular browsers on Android.

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How to Delete Search History on Android

Search history is automatically saved on your phone. If you want to delete search history completely, then take a full read of this post.

How to Delete Downloads on Android

Download folder usually takes a lot of space on Android. You should delete unused files in Download folder to free up more storage.We will show you some practical examples in here.

How to Delete Voicemail on Android Phone in 4 Simple Ways

There might be tons of voicemail sitting on your Android phone. It is necessary to delete those hidden voicemail in order to free more storage on Android phone.

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently in Android Phone

Do you want to delete Gmail account permanently in Android phone? Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this in 2022.