Refund Policy

At FoneMoz, customer happiness is always the first priority! Before releasing the product to public, it will be tested thoroughly based on our strict testing standard. In addition, each product has 30-day free trial period so the user can test the product before making a purchase.

However, no product is perfect. If the product does not work or has fatal error, you can directly ask for a refund with screenshot or short video as proof. And this is mandatory!


Accepted Cases of Refund

1. The product is not working properly. Once the user sends us the error screenshot or video proof, we will issue the refund after confirmation.

2. Purchase the same product twice. In this case, FoneMoz will refund one of the orders for you, or exchange another FoneMoz product that you are interested in. However, the registration code should be not used before asking refund.

3. No solution has been provided within 7 days because of technical trouble of the purchased product. In this case, FoneMoz will refund the order if you do not want to wait for a future upgrade or solution.

Once a refund is issued, the corresponding license key will be deactivated.


Cases of No Refund

1. No receiving registration code. Usually, once an order has been validated, FoneMoz system will automatically send a confirmation Email within 1 hour. In this email, the registration code is included. However, sometimes the arrival of this Email can be delayed, due to delays caused by internet or system glitches, email spam settings, etc. In this case, customer should contact FoneMoz Support Team to get the registration code.

2. Purchase the wrong product. All of FoneMoz products have detailed introduction on our website. Please read it carefully. Plus, we also offer free trial. The customer can test the product for free before purchase. So if you purchased the wrong product, it is not our fault. We can only exchange for another FoneMoz product.

3. No image or video proof. We need evidence if the user claimed the product was not working as expected.

4. The customer has a 'change of mind' after purchase.

5. Failed to register product due to improper operation.

6. A refund request for order exceeds 60 days.