What FoneMoz Is All About


We have been engaging in software development for more than three years after graduation from college, but soon we found that we wanted to do something more meaningful. At that time, people like to store most important and sensitive data into their phone, based on it,  there's enormous demand for data backup, data recovery, data transfer, data erase and data management. Therefore, we moved all resources, expertise and careers to this demand. Therefore, our current business is born from the "data solutions".

Our CEO and CTO are all programmers with two decades of development experience and they provided a lot of valuable experience for our official site Our goal is to provide the user with high quality, cost-effective and easy-to-use software solutions,including Android and iPhone data backup, management, recovery, erase and transfer.

FoneMoz Since its inception in 2018, FoneMoz has grown from a small start-ups to an international company with more than 80 employees. We keeps expanding the products range and sell to more countries!

Why Choose us?

Our goal is to be the best personal software service provider in the world


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If you have any issue without product, server and site, please directly contact us with the email. Our commitment: Response will be made within 24 hours for all the problems customers put forward.