How to Transfer Android Messages to Computer


Top 4 Free Android Wireless File Transfer Apps

5 Ways to Erase Everything on Android before Selling

Trading in or selling your old Android phone? Wipe it the right way to reduce the risk of personal data falling into the wrong hands.

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How to Delete Android Text Messages Permanently

What is the safe way to delete Android text messages permanently? Is the normal deletion is secure enough? You can find all the information from this post.

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5 Best Methods to Delete Videos from Android Phone

If Android phone internal storage is in short, then the best way to fix this is by deleting video files from it. There are up to 5 methods you can follow to finish the task.

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4 Quick Methods to Delete Android Photos

Deleting Android photos can release more space on Android. And it is important step to erase Android photos when you are going to sell Android phone.

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How to Wipe Android Phone Remotely

Lost your Android phone and want to protect your private data? Then you should follow the guidelines shared in this post to wipe Android phone remotely.

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3 Simple Ways to Wipe Android Phone from PC

Do you want to know how to wipe Android phone from PC? This is much different than factory reset and much more secure as it will completely erase all content and settings on Android phone.

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How to Wipe a Stolen Samsung Phone

Unfortunately, your Samsung phone was stolen and there are a lot of important information on it. Is it possible to wipe the stolen phone? If yes, how to do that?

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How to Erase LG Phone Before Selling

This is a complete tutorial for erasing all data on LG phone. We introduced 4 different methods in this article to help you wipe a LG phone before selling.

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How to Delete Photos from Samsung Galaxy Phone

Photos are eating up storage sharply on your Samsung phone? If it was true, then you should delete the unwanted ones to free up more space on the phone.

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How to Wipe Moto Phone Completely before Selling

It is critical to make sure all data are wiped out completely when you are going to sell Moto phone. No one could love to see their private data to be used illegally after sell.