How to Transfer Android Messages to Computer


Top 4 Free Android Wireless File Transfer Apps

5 Ways to Erase Everything on Android before Selling

Trading in or selling your old Android phone? Wipe it the right way to reduce the risk of personal data falling into the wrong hands.

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How to Wipe an Android Phone Completely without Password

Android screen was broken? Forgot Android password? How to wipe an Android phone completely under different situation? Now you can get 5 tips to wipe an Android phone or tablet.

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Best Android Cleaner App in 2019

Android cleaning is one of the must-have apps you should run on Android device. The question is how to pick up the best one from the optional list.

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How Do I Free up Space on Android Phone

It is necessary to free up space on Android in order to make the device running faster. Here are a few nice suggestions to help you get more storage on Android in a very fast manner.

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How to Remove or Delete Unwanted Apps from Android

Most of the apps on Android can be deleted with normal means. However, part of system apps can not deleted in this way. So what are the options left to remove unwanted apps from Android?

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How to Uninstall Preinstalled Apps on Android

As we know, when we get a branded new Android phone, there are actually a dozen of apps already installed on the device. Is there any way to uninstall those system apps without root?

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How to Clear App Data and Cache on Android

Android app will generate a lot of junk files such as tmp data and cache when running. And some of them are not deleted by default. If you cound out the devie running slow, then you should clear up the app data and cache.

How to Wipe Samsung Phone Completely before Selling it

Samsung is much different from Android phone so the method varies in regards of wiping data on Sasmung smartphones. Fortunately, we have collected a couple of amazing tips to get it done.