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About Liam Olivia

Liam Olivia is one of the managing editors at FoneMoz. He is always passionate abot tech writing and has been convering technology for more than seven years. His main interest include the latest tech trends for Android, iOS and computer software. When not sitting on his writing desk, he likes reading novels, programming and playing baseball with his lovely kids.


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Being a crazy fan of mobile technology for more than a decade, Liam has alway be engaged with the latest smartphones and tablets, making him one of the most trust sources for Android and iOS related tips, tricks and step-by-step tutorial. He has written various topics on FoneMoz.com, convering about Android data easing, Android content cleaning and WhatsApp data transfer.


  • Education

Liam graduated from Northwestern University and holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a minor in Journalism. He has studied various courses about computer and mobile devices, including hardware design, software engineering and networking.

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